About Our Organization


Divyang-Ek Ummeed is an Organization that includes physically handicapped people (Divyangjan) in the mainstream of the society. Have been working for the last 3 years and have worked in the direction of the Societies Registration Act 1860 and Company Registered with Certificate of Registration No. 381/2016-17 under the Act 1950. One resolution to all Persons with Disabilities Working towards improving overall quality of life by linking it with lifestyle. Social Venture Vikas Gupta, B. Tech IIT Roorkee created an idea with a collective effort. The idea to do so came in the mind of Vikas Gupta, to worked on such a project, when was facing the problem of getting access of no information about the benefits allotted to myself and disabled during my second year in college. Then due to many past experiences and difficulties. In order to solve the serious problem, in the year 2016, an organization named Divyang-Ek Ummeed was formed.

After completing his B. Tech, decided to leave the job and going ahead with this mission. In the beginning, received full support from Director of IIT Roorkee Dr. Pradeepta Bannerjee and Professor Vinaya Nagiya. The team of IIT and about 100 students of the ‘Private Institute’ is doing continuous work.

Divyang-Ek Ummeed Organization has allocated benefits to all Divyangjan’s in Government Colleges, NGOs and other Schemes and started as a mission to provide information about. Our Social Initiatives Made Our Better Mater From IIT Roorkee Support . Development in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support (TIDES) at IIT Roorkee. Incubated by us. Our organization is also supported by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. Working with the country government (Divyangjan Dept., Transport Dept. and Education Dept.)Mission Angadang-Ek Udeed has established many different institutes like IIT Delhi, IIM Calcutta, FMS Delhi. Have done better by participating in Startup competitions. Mission in the coming times by participating in many organizations across the country. Will introduce them to them and will make the work of connecting the life of the differently-abled with the mainstream of development successful.

In the last three years, the organization has implemented various schemes for disability welfare, employment, education and disability in the various departments of the country. Successful and commendable work in the field of empowerment and awareness.

Divyang-Ek Ummeed Organization Founder

work experience

Member, District Disabled Committee Lucknow

Member, District Election Commission Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Director Neostencil (August 2018 – March 2019)

Business Development Manager Finance Tech Consulting (January 2017 – December 2018)

Country Trust, Department of Social Welfare, U.K.

Vikas Gupta

B.Tech, Pulp & Paper Technology, IIT Roorkee (2012-2016)